Discussion:Behaviors of Leaders and Managers
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Discussion:Behaviors of Leaders and Managers
Some demonstrated behaviors of leaders and managers that are self-aware would be:
Knowing yourself and valuing other people
Identify and evaluates their personal leadership skills, behavior, strengths, beliefs, and biases in private situations
Keeps one’s word
Promotes forward movement and flexible
Having a well communicated vision and manage stress well
Builds trust among colleagues and empathizes with others
Takes effective action to realize own leadership potential
They are enablers, encouragers, role models and passionate
Keep personal goals and conflicts out of the organizations agenda
Discussion:Behaviors of Leaders and Managers
Discussion:Behaviors of Leaders and Managers
An example of a strongself-aware leader/manager in my opinion is something that cannot be taught, in an article I read by Manning, it states “business organizations value having more emotionally intelligent employees and are trying to teach these skills to current employees” (2012, p. 170). You can’t teach someone to be compassionate, you can’t teach patience and trust, you can’t teach someone to be empathetic, this is asking a person which has none of these characteristics in their personality and asked them to change who they are. Strong leaders are born and have it in them to be patient, trustworthy and reliable, among other traits.
I can think of a great example, in one of my places of employment as a flight nurse, I met a young girl and her mother, this 13-year-old girl, drops of stuffed animals to us, for us to hand out to pediatric patients which we transport. After speaking with her mother, this young girl has volunteered her time to many organizations which will allow her (due to her age), her mother states she has many ideas and visions on how to make her community better, she helps the teachers with the young children at church, she loves to mentor to them, she drops goodies off to the local animal shelters. Her mother states she is an only child, as she cannot keep up with all the activities she enjoys doing, among so many other positives things I heard about her. Her young personality shows great compassion, love and a vision to do better for her community. Was this taught to her? Or does she have this passion naturally? Why aren’t all kids with good parenting and upbringing like her? Does this mean she will be a strong leader? (I think so)
O’Neil, J., A. (April, 2013). Advancing the Nursing Profession Begins with Leadership. JONA. 2013;43(4):179-181.
Manning, S. L. (2012). Tapping and Fostering Students’ Emotional Intelligence through Service-learning Experiences. Journal Of Behavioral & Applied Management, 13(3), 168-185. Retrieved from http://eds.a.ebscohost.com.lopes.idm.odc.org/eds
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Phase III: Funding Options for Capital Expansion
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