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The video takes a look at the effects of methamphetamine on the brain of its users, the correlation between the drug’s supply and addiction rates, and how the first state affected by the epidemic (Oregon) addressed treating its population of addicts. Reflect on the report and apply what you have learned from Chapter 11 in responding to the following prompts.
Give specific examples of what you learned about the impact of methamphetamine on: the brain, body, and the lives of users. Be sure to provide examples for ALL three.
Do you think laws controlling the sale of pseudoephedrine will impact the meth epidemic? Why or why not? Be sure to explain WHY or WHY NOT.
This video is from 2011 and focuses on Oregon. Share a link to a NEWS article and a brief summary of the CURRENT meth epidemic in Missouri and/or St. Louis.
Comment about how the film impacted you as a viewer.

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