Drug Information Request Coursework Help Online

Drug Information Request Coursework Help Online

A Drug Information request is the provision of written or verbal information or advice about drugs and/or drug therapy in response to a request from other healthcare providers, organisations, committees, patients or members of the public (SHPA Standards of Practice for Drug Information Services).

The aim is to optimise patient health outcomes by the supporting the quality use of medication via provision of current, timely, accurate, objective and appropriate information on drugs and drug therapy.

Students in this task are to provide a written Drug Information Request (DIR). 
The report must include the following information:
• The Requestor (de-identified to maintain privacy)
• The reason for the request, 
• Documentation of the methods used for obtaining the information,(literature citation, adverse drug reports, journals, manufacturer literature)
• A data analysis of the obtained information;
• The results/findings of the data analysis 
• A response and recommendations tailored to to the requestor needs. (ie how you would respond to a Doctor would be different that how you may respond to patient) 
3. Maximum of 1500 words not including list of references, CMI, material transcripted from patient file, chart or laboratory results (i.e. calculated on your data collection method, data analysis and response sections).
This task is worth 10% of your total marks
4 Correct citations and a Minimum use of FIVE Evidence Based References. These should be current and include a minimum of 2 Journal articles, (i.e. other than text books, e-database e.g. MIMS or AMH)


The literature on medicines is vast, rapidly growing and increasingly complex in nature. Provision of accurate medication information has over the years become an integral part of a pharmacists professional career with information not always readily available to the pharmacist. This task is relevant for any student either working in a hospital or community setting to gain familiarisation of the procedures that are involved within both answering and documenting drug information requests.

This task links towards the following learning objectives for students of:

  • being able to understand the state of rural and remote health;
  • identify the factors that impact on the experience of rural health
  • being sensitive to issues that relate to indigenous health and mental health in rural communities;
  • understanding the principles of research in the practice setting;
  • possessing an ability to utilise and assess information from evidence-based medicine studies;
  • being able to practice in the wide range of pharmacy practice settings available in rural practice

It also contributes to meeting the following domains of the National Competency Standards for Pharmacists

  • Domain 1 Professional and ethical Practice
  • Domain 2 Communication, Collaboration and Self Management
  • Domain 6 Deliver primary and preventative health care
  • Domain 7 Promote and contribute to optimal use of medicines
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