Structure & The Specifics

  • Use headings specific to the content…(Shaping and Fading)
  • Introduction:

– Defines key terms

– Introduces what is to come

– Concise

– Captures the reader’s attention

  • General broad description of the theory/ concept
  • Discuss the implications of the theory/ concept on disability:

– What is the relevance of the theory/ concept for people with a disability?

– Why do professionals working with people with a disability need to know about the theory/ concept (i.e. apply to practice)?

  • Tips for disability professionals:

–May include a lesson on how to implement the theory/ concept in day to day practices

– Clearly outline ‘how to’

  • Conclusions:

– Summary of the main point

– Leave the reader with something to think about

– Do not introduce new things



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Week 5 Learning Team—Program Plan



DaVita, Inc. website:

Company website:


Building on the previous Learning Team assignments:



Create a plan of at least 1400 words for your program curriculum. In the plan, include the following—please use headings/subheadings:


  1. What courses/modules/sessions will be part of your program
  2. What content will be covered in each course
  3. The alignment between courses and course content to program goals, objectives, and expected outcomes.
  4. Delivery method



USE clear headings and subheadings consistent with APA for organization of the paper.

MINIMUM 5 peer-reviewed references.


Please use Textbooks below as part of the references:


Bastable, S. B., Gramet, P., Jacobs, K., & Sopczyk, D. L. (2011).

Health professional as educator: Principles of teaching and learning. Jones & Bartlett Learning.


Caffarella, R., & Daffron, S. R. (2013). Planning programs for adult learners: A practical guide (3rd ed.). San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.



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Social and Work Concerns

Each of you is expected to do the following:

(a) lead a discussion by posting a question related to the readings for this module and replying to other students’ responses to your question, and

(b) respond to at least three other questions posed by others.

For questions you may use a “Critical Thinking” question from chapters 5 through 7. If you do this, then you must also provide the full quotation, page number, and context of the question. Otherwise, you can offer a question of your own that emerged from the textbook, this module’s “Guided Study,” or the Klinger & Clark-Plaskie article. Please note that you’ll be fully responsible for moving along the discussion for your question, and you’ll also be expected to read the other questions and then choose at least three to which you will respond.

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For this essay you are to reflect on the strategies for assessing your effectiveness as an adult educator your resources talked about. You are also to draw on your own research in order to identify additional ways to improve your practice and support your professional development in order to complete this essay.

To begin, review Stephen Brookfield’s 15 maxims from the Skillful Teacher). Consider those that stand out as most relevant and/or valuable for you in supporting your effectiveness as an adult educator. Also, draw on the Optional Resources to help you research professional development information. Look for general resources as well as those related to your specific field. In particular, note resources that speak to emerging trends in adult education.

Afterwards you are to write about the three maxims that stood out to you and why.

You are also to write at least three strategies, or techniques from your resources that will support you in following these maxims

You are also to recommend at least one professional development resource and summarize what it offers.

You must used the attach references, and Website: AE Pro Online Professional Development. (n.d.). Retrieved November 22, 2011, from The link is

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The paper should include an introduction , then a literature review that demonstrate a  knowledge of the literature relevant to the subject and an understanding of the theoretical and empirical issues that impinge upon it.

This will then be followd by  a synthesis , Emphasis is placed on a synthesis of the literature and a highlighting of its important themes rather than on a reference-by-reference summary.

The paper should demonstrate thorough knowledge and critical awareness of the content area. Citation of work already done in the field should be included as well as a conceptual base underlying discussion. It should be original and creative, and not merely a summary of the works of others. it will include analysis, that is, taking an idea apart and looking at the pieces; synthesis, that is, how the idea relates to other ideas; and evaluation, which includes critical analysis of ideas. For example, what makes sense, what does not, where might this apply and where not? What are the potential inconsistencies here, and comparison with other ideas?

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