1. Over the course of this short session, you were assigned to complete about 30 readings and/or videos. Select the reading/video that either (a) leftyou conflicted or (b) challenged yourprevious thoughts on the subject. First, identify what reading/video you selected and whether it falls into category A or category B, then proceed to explain why it either left you conflicted or challenged a previous viewpoint you possessed.
2. One could argue that drug policy should be based strictly off of the harm that drugs cause to users and society. However, drug policies can be affected by other things. Discuss some of the other factors that influence drug policies besides the harmfulness of the drugs. Use specific examples.
3. Efforts to reduce drug problems come from many directions. Describe several of the negative unintended consequences that are commonly associated with drug policies. Explain which policies cause which unintended consequences. If possible, include unintended consequences that may arise across multiple policies.
4. In 2020, drug overdoses reached a new peak in the United States. Let’s assume you were appointed to draft a series of recommendations for the next 3-5 yearsin the effort to stem the tide against theopioidepidemic. What would be your main recommendations for the next few years? Describe the main components of your strategy and back those recommendations up with sound logic and/or evidence of effectiveness.

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