Compose a white paper report that gives an overview of the EMR NextGen Healthcare. A white paper is a concise background explanation of a specific topic usually written for an audience that has knowledge of the field but not of the specific topic. The aim of this report is to articulate to the client the main positions that professionals in health sciences take in relation to a particular communication technology used for health science industries. This report should give the client an overview of several options that may solve or alleviate their problem. It should also detail current professional conversations about the kinds of communication technologies your team is researching. To that end, use library research techniques, primary research techniques, and your own industry knowledge to compose a report (content, images, appendices, data visualizations, etc.)

It should include the following features:

Introduction.This introduction should prepare the reader in more detail for the main issues of the report. Set up the audience’s expectations for the whole report and especially make its purpose and relevance clear.
Data. This report is meant to both present and interpret the data found on a communication technology’s uses in business for the intended audience (who should be assumed is not familiar with that technology). Data or research does not speak for itself; students must explain the relevance of this data clearly and directly to the audience. Note: “data” is not an appropriate section title. Subheadings should be determined by the topics the report addresses.

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