Have you ever thought that in the technological age people have almost forgotten about nature and the importance of protecting the natural environment? Unfortunately, it is a sad reality, but that is the truth we have to face. People do not really care that somewhere, far away from their comfortable homes, species of animals and plants are disappearing from our planet forever. And it is good that teachers at colleges and schools ask their students to write an endangered species essay. In this way they will make our youth aware of this problem. But, of course, the task of writing an endangered species essay is not an easy one. Here are some guidelines to help you with the task.

Endangered Species Essay: What to Write about

First of all, your task is to define what endangered species are.
You may say that these are organisms in the wild which once had a big population, but now their numbers are diminished and they are categorized as endangered species. The organisms which do not exist anymore on the planet are considered extinct. We need to do everything possible to prevent endangered species from becoming extinct.

Secondly, you may write about specific examples of endangered species. Here you can mention tigers, giant pandas, snow leopards, the komodo dragons, and others. For more endangered species look through the Internet websites –there is a lot of information on the topic.

It will be useful to talk about the reasons why animals and plants become endangered. For instance, one of the reasons is poaching. Poaching is a process of illegally killing rare animals for commercial benefits. As it is a criminal activity the animals can only be sold only on the Black Market. Nevertheless, this problem exists; governments and NGO’s have to do everything to stop this poaching.

The second reason is the loss of natural habitat. Every year new buildings encroach more and more on the animal’s wilderness territory, that’s why the forests are cut down; grasslands are being destroyed because of new highways and such. In these circumstances the wild animal species simply have no place to go. And even when they have somewhere to go, they cannot always resettle in a new habitat. As a result, they do not survive. The same applies to endangered plants. They are often stolen and sold or are destroyed when humans need more farm land. As this second reason is also caused by humans only we can do something to help nature. A paragraph dealing with some solutions would be appropriate here.

In your conclusion it would be great to emphasize people’s role in causing and solving the problem of endangered species.

Endangered Species Essay: Help

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