ENG 106 Topic 2 DQ 2

ENG 106 Topic 2 DQ 2
When writing a strong argument it is important to acknowledge the opposing viewpoint because it shows dimension to the argument. It supports the idea that one has done their research and is ready to discuss openmindedly what they have found. The true purpose of any argument is to get facts across that an individual has learned, as they have become important to one’s specific position. So, acknowledging the opposition makes it possible for individuals to be prepared for that type of conversation or opposition because they are already educated on it. There are certain types of people, that choose to stay on the fence when it comes to discussions only to be able to argue either side when opportunities arise ENG 106 Topic 2 DQ 2.
When working with opposing viewpoints at the end of a paper, it is important to finish strong to show why the opposition is not your individual position. In this case, it could be difficult to come back from specific topics such as low-cost operations overseas. But in my paper, I mention how those low-cost operations may result in death. I do this to support my Christian viewpoint on organ transplantation ENG 106 Topic 2 DQ 2.
The writer does not want to spend too much time on an opposing viewpoint because they may push support to the oppositions viewpoint and not their own. If the viewpoint is not mentioned it could be show the essay as being weak. This also helps the reader to know that the writer has studied the opposition and further agrees with his or her own position. If the opposing viewpoint has some points that are true the writer will want to concede, but yet come back with even stronger points to refute the concession. Some opposing viewpoints in my essay will be, the maturity of the believer to make a good mature decision about organ donation. Also, would want to discuss that some may be lead to donate while living and others may wait until they pass ENG 106 Topic 2 DQ 2.

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