ENG 106 Topic 4 DQ 2

ENG 106 Topic 4 DQ 2
The news article I found related to the organ shortage in the world. Statistically, approximately 5000 individuals die each year from waiting for a kidney donation (Christensen, 2019). From this, I formulated three specific causes:
1. Low amount of organ donors compared to those added to the waiting list: There are currently more than 100,000 individuals on the organ waiting list and this number is increasing (Gershlak, 2018).
2. Long distances between donors and recipient: Long distance travel due to unbalanced graphical distribution of vascularized Composite Allotransplantation centers (Rifkin, Manjunath, Kimberly, Plana, Kantar, Bernstein, Diaz-Siso & Rodriguez, 2018)
3. Low knowledge about organ donation: Adolescents often have little education about organ donation at the time of receiving their driver’s license (Rodrigue, Boger, DuBay & Fleishman, 2019)
Furthermore, I brainstormed three specific effects:
1. Increased organ harvesting in the black market: A severe shortage of transplant donors acts as an incentive to buy organs on the black market (“Donor Shortage”, 1998) ENG 106 Topic 4 DQ 2.
2. Death caused by the failure to obtain organ donation: Statistically, there are 21 people who die daily from lack of obtaining organs (Gershlak, 2018).
3. Individuals suffer from decreased quality of life while waiting for an organ: For example, individuals on dialysis live with uncertainty, restrictions on freedom and mixed emotions about coping with waiting (Koons & Smeltzer, 2018) ENG 106 Topic 4 DQ 2.

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