English 10: Argument activity 4

English 10: Argument activity 4

fter reading this week’s assigned chapters in A Rulebook for Arguments: “Extended Arguments”, pages 49-57 and “Argumentative Essays”, pages 59-65, complete the activities below:

Note: Rule 34 is the one rule in this textbook that I disagree with. The rule focuses on introductions, and unless you are in a specific discipline requiring a writer to state, “In this paper I will . . .”, it is much better to avoid this style of introduction. Use your work for Dis. Post 8(order #108721375) to help you come up with ideas and strategies for effective, well-crafted introductions.

Rule 29: In paragraph four of this rule, Weston writes, ” . . .unexpected facts or perspectives may well turn up as you research . . .Be ready to be surprised” (50). Write a few sentences that relate this quote to your research: Have you found unexpected facts or ideas? Has anything about research revealed something surprising or unexpected about your topic?

Rules 30 and 35: These two rules are about arriving at a clear position on your topic and making an argumentative claim (your thesis). Keeping these rules in mind, draft out a tentative thesis for Essay 3. You may have already completed this for Dis. Post 8, but here’s another chance to work on the wording of your thesis, making sure your claim is specific and your position is clearly stated.

Rules 31 and 36: These two rules are about defending your claim (thesis) with appropriate evidence. Keeping these rules in mind, describe one main point you will focus on in Essay 3 that defends your thesis, and name a source or two that you will use an appropriate evidence to support this point.

Rules 32 and 37: These two rules are about noting and addressing objections to your claim (thesis). Keeping these rules in mind, list at least one opposing view to your thesis and describe how you might address or refute the objection.

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