Environmental theory

complete an evaluation of the Environmental theory of Florence Nightingale as it applies to contemporary nursing. Use the following questions as subheadings; use narrative writing, and follow APA writing guidelines, including acknowledgement of sources. For each question determine if this was a strength or weakness of the theory.You must have a title page and a reference page. The evaluation outline is adapted from the Synthesized Method for Theory Evaluation, McEwen & Wills (2014), p.108. Do not answer with “yes” or “no” responses.
Support your responses with a minimum of 3 (three) references. You may use the course textbook as one of your references, as applicable.
Theory Analysis● Are concepts theoretically and operationally defined? Describe.● Are statements theoretically and operationally defined? Describe.

● Is there a model/diagram? Does the model contribute to clarifying the theory? Explain.

● Are outcomes or consequences stated or predicted?

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