Rough draft due: 9/5
Final draft due: 9/10
Length: about 1,000 words

Background: Over the last two weeks, you’ve discussed your career goals and read various perspectives about education, specifically the benefits (or lack thereof) of a

four-year degree. While some authors like Ray and Rosenbaum highlight the limitations of a bachelor’s degree, Ungar and Leonhardt suggest that most students still

benefit from obtaining one. Now, it’s time for you to “enter the conversation” and respond to these authors.

The Assignment
Using the class readings and your experience, explain whether you think society is overemphasizing the bachelor’s degree. In other words, is a bachelor’s degree

necessary to find satisfying work? Why or why not? In order to answer this question, you will need to define “satisfying work” in your introduction.

• An introduction that explains your definition of “satisfying work”
• A clear thesis that follows the prompt
• Body paragraphs that directly support your thesis and focus on one point at a time
• At least three quotes from at least two of the assigned readings below
• Careful proofreading
• Properly combined sentences with coordinators. Underline your coordinators.

• Return to your annotations to find the best evidence for your essay
• Consider introducing the topic by sharing your career goals
• Use the TEA paragraph method to make sure your body paragraphs are focused
• Make an appointment at the Writing Center as soon as possible

• TED Talk Video: “What Is a College Education?”
• “The New Liberal Arts”
• “Beyond One-Size-Fits-All College Education”
• “Is College Worth the Costs?”

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