“The current structures of global governance did not all take place at an instance. Instead, it happened gradually through trial and error. There are numerous events that took place in human history that led to the development of the current structures of global governance. This study looks at ten events in human history that led to the development of the current structures of global governance.

The first instance where global governance is experienced in the world is during the time of the League of Nations. The League of Nations was created after the First World War with its headquarters in Geneva. The purpose of the League of Nations was to prevent any future wars between countries. Even though it was unable to prevent the Second World War, it formed the basis for the current global governance initiatives that were set in place.

Another event that affected global governance is the treaty of Versailles. The treaty of Versailles resolved a dispute that would have previously resulted in war. This was one of the first disputes that were resolved through dialogue which showed that violence is not the only way of solving disputes in the international stage.

The Second World War is another event that shaped global governance. The Second World War was an indication that the structures put in place to prevent war between states had failed. This conflict showed that development of allies was important in global governance.

The creation of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization is another important event in global governance. The treaty was created in order to protect member states from the security threat of the Soviet Union.

The creation of the United Nations is one of the most important events in global governance. The United Nations created an alliance between the world’s countries in order to create a body that would resolve disputes of any nature that involve member states.

A significant event in global governance is the creation of the International Monetary Fund. This organization was created by member states in order to provide financial stability of the world’s money markets as well as providing financial assistance to states that require the help.

The World Health Organization is also another important creation in international relations. This organization is tasked with helping member states to deal with health related problems. This encourages interdependence since funding comes from contributions from member states.

The cold war is another important event in world governance. During the cold war, The United States and Russia were in an arms race, which put the world on the brink of destruction. The threat of mutually assured destruction was the only thing that prevented the war. This is a significant issue in world history…”

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