Required format for constructing and presenting the steps to be included within a school principal case study analysis and written summary:
Identify the problem(s)/issue(s)
Evaluate the seriousness (urgency in dealing with) of the problem(s)
Narratively identify the important facts (people, place, and/or program) within the scenario. Then summarize the issue in one sentence.
List Potential Alternatives. Brainstorm five (5) or more options that could be used to address the principal scenario problem(s)/issue(s) [be open-minded/non-judgmental when constructing the alternative solutions]. Remember, there are several options to addressing any issue if ample time and energy is devoted to their individual development.
Make a Decision. Decide on a particular course of action. Based on the important facts of the case study scenario and review of the potential options available in addressing the identified problem(s)/issue(s), identify which option (or combination of options) that you chose to address the case study problem(s)/issue(s).
Develop a written plan of action that operationalizes your chosen course(s) of action.
Evaluate the result of the decision. In hypothetical case study analysis, and from a ‘hindsight’ perspective, identify potential procedural changes that could possibly be incorporated in order to assist in lessening the likelihood that the problem(s)/situation(s) will occur in the future. Tell why your solution was a viable

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