Identify a leadership theory or strategy most applicable to resolving or managing your chosen nursing leadership problem.
Evaluate the theories and strategies you have read about and are already familiar with.
Examine new theories and strategies, as desired. Focus your research on the scholarly and professional literature that can be found in the Capella library or on the Internet.
What is the theory or strategy?
What are the characteristics of the theory or strategy? What does it involve?
Why did you choose that particular theory or strategy?
Explain how your chosen leadership theory or strategy can be applied to resolve or manage your chosen nursing leadership problem.
Provide examples from the literature to support your explanation.
How has the theory or strategy been applied in similar situations?
Explain how consideration of an organizational change model influences your intervention strategy.
How can effective change leadership help build a health care organization’s or system’s capacity for health promotion and facilitate attainment of organizational goals?
Explain how health care policy and legislation might affect the resolution or management of the problem.
What health care policies or legislation might have an impact?
What would that impact be?
Write clearly and concisely, using correct grammar and mechanics.
Express your main points and conclusions coherently.

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