Comparison of 4 cloud-based small business accounting packages:
Sage 50Cloud
Evaluate what features are offered, pricing, how a company should choose which to select (If you are a new company or an existing company) and when they might outgrow the company.
Sources: Use a minimum of 3 varied and CURRENT sources, for example, journals in Accounting, IT or AIS, Internet sources, interviews (no textbooks or encyclopedias). Trade magazines or special interest group sources have built-in biases but can have some valuable information. Check the source of all information for reliability. Is the Internet site sanctioned by a reputable institution or organization? Does the person you interview have credentials and experience with your subject? Does he or she have a built-in bias you need to address in your paper? What biases of your own may you have to be aware of to produce a scholarly look at this subject?
Appendices: Graphics or charts should only be used if they can clarify some concept in your paper. Don’t use them just for a “flashy” effect or for “gee whiz” value. If you include large graphics or charts, include each on a separate appendix page and label each one A, B, and so on. Refer to such appendices in the text where you discuss that issue. Graphs, charts, and appendices are not included as pages of text. They must be in addition to the page requirements above.

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