Evaluate whether the company has an ethical and/or legal obligation to report the breach to its customers. Your evaluation should be framed as a report for the owner, Clare, that includes the following sections and information. Cite your sources using APA style.
Include a definition of ethics and explanation of how ethics compares to law.
Provide an explanation of corporate social responsibility and how it relates to ethical business practices.
Provide a summary of the ethical and/or legal issues involved in this situation.
Briefly describe the relevant stakeholders, the key facts, and the potential implications or impact of the situation.
Provide your recommendation for a course of action supported by relevant resources, such as specific laws and commonly accepted ethical practices.
Explain the reasoning behind your recommendation and use reliable sources, such as the textbook and other course resources, to support your position.
Conclusion: Describe how advances in technology in today’s business world have both legal and ethical implications.

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