Students will be provided with a financial plan for local government

This plan outline the challenges that the government is facing over the next few years. The city selected for the
project is: San Bernardino, CA

The city is experiencing unique challenges that will provide for a variety of problems and solutions to be analyzed and
recommended in the essay,

The essay is to consist of the following three sections:
1. An overview of the city (demographics, recent fiscal history, governance, etc.).
2. An overview of the city’s financial plan and the student’s assessment of the city’s financial
3. Identification of three fiscal challenges being faced by the City and discussion of hypothetical ways to address these issues.

The essay are expected to be at least 10 pages in length when typed double spaced in 12 point Arial font.
The essay will be scored based on comprehensiveness, effectiveness of the analysis, reasonableness of the
recommendations, and writing mechanics.

Here you will find a link for a PDF file for the city of San Bernardino and you can use it as a reference and you don’t need to bring other references

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