Evaluation of Goals and Objectives for Consolidation Required Criteria SON Advisor Comments and Marks Part 1. Evaluation of goals and objectives: -Discuss whether you met or did not meet each goal. – Using evidence and examples from consolidation describe and provide support that you met each goal. You may include descriptions from preceptor evaluations (written and verbal), client comments, healthcare team member comments, and observations. Use the current research literature and integrate theory in your paper. -If you did not meet the goal, describe why you did not meet the goal. (ie. did you not have the strategies to meet the goal). Also, use the literature to support in your paper. Value 5 Points Part 2. -Describe whether or not your evaluation criteria were appropriate to evaluate your goals. -Describe anything you would add or change in your evaluation or would you keep your evaluation criteria the same. Value 2 points Overall Paper Quality: 4-5 pages excluding reference list: • Use current evidence and research in your paper • Appropriate use of professional language • Organization and clarity of ideas • APA format, grammar, spelling, overall presentation, and reference list. • Submitted on time Value 3 points FINAL MARK ( /10%) please find below the 5 goals that must be evaluated. please follow the rubric…and please only bid If you are able to follow the rubric and produce a quality

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