Evolving local & global community health concerns Custom Essay

The assignment must be in APA format, complete with a cover page, running head, headings, and reference page per the APA Manual Writing should be succinct and comprehensive
Community health nursing can improve access to care for the most vulnerable and hard-to reach groups in any country. The community health nurse should combine knowledge of major indicators of health, social factors that contribute to declining health status, and public
programs designed to address problems of health care. Efforts should encompass all levels ofprevention (primary, secondary, tertiary) and should address the needs of the individual,
family, aggregate, and community.
Imagine that you are a community health nurse working with a migrant population within your
community. They have entered the country legally and desire to become citizens. You are asked to follow up on a patient recently diagnosed with TB to begin DOT (directly observed therapy) and determine others who may have been exposed to TB. You encounter a family that
consists of: (a) GM, a 75-year-old grandmother who is recently found to have TB; (b) SM, her
45 year-old son who works in the fields and has a history of alcohol abuse; (c) DM a 40 yearold
daughter-in-law with type 2 diabetes; and (d) TM a fifteen year-old granddaughter who
desires to attend and graduate from high school “some day.” They reside in temporary migrant housing and have no resources or family. Visit or interview representatives from various
agencies to develop your responses. Please respond to the following:
1. Where do you refer them for assistance with food, clothing, medications, and health care.
Where do you refer TM to assist with school placement? (10 points; 2 each)
2. What legal and ethical issues exist? Identify key ethical concepts and legal issues
pertinent to each family member. (10 points; 5 each)
3. Identify local, state, and federal legislation applicable to this situation. (15 points; 5 each)
4. Apply an upstream perspective to design an evidence-based plan of care for each member of
the family. You must include the three levels of prevention in your plan. Consider concepts
of health promotion and illness prevention. (60 points; 15 for each familymember).
5. Utilize APA format and provide a reference list (using APA forma

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