Topic:Effective Interagency working in healthcare

Drawing on research evidence, examine the benefits and potential challenges of interagency working in your field of practice.
Introduction (400 words): State the aim of the assessment and introduce the concept of inter-agency working. Discuss the drivers behind the move to health and social care integration in Scotland, with reference to relevant policy and legislation.
Main body (1400 words): Examine the benefits and challenges of inter-agency working within your field of practice. Consider some of the topics covered in the module and how inter-agency working might enhance or influence these in practice.
We expect you to synthesise the evidence you have identified through your literature search into a coherent narrative that justifies and supports your argument.
Conclusion (200 words): Summarise the key points you have made, draw everything together and highlight new learning. Comment on the implications of what you have discussed, and make recommendations for future research, practice and education.
References: Include full reference list in School referencing style, APA 7th.

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