Executive Briefing on Business Benefits and Considerations of Proposed Technology Solution

Executive Briefing on Business Benefits and Considerations of Proposed Technology Solution

Before you begin this assignment, be sure you have

  1. Read the “UMUC Haircuts Case Study Stage 1, 2 & 3” & review “Walmart Example.”
  2. Review Instructor feedback from previous submissions.








Overview of Executive Briefing for UMUC Haircuts

For your Stage Case Study1, you identified a strategy for competitive advantage and a business process that you would improve through the application of technology to a business process for UMUC Haircuts.

For your Stage 2, you identified a proposed IT solution to improve that business process.  Your research included planning for IT and business resources, identifying solution components, and identifying ways the new technology would improve the business process and support the strategy for competitive analysis. Modeling the AS IS and TO BE Processes helped identify the steps in the business process you are improving for UMUC Haircuts.

In Stage 3, you evaluated IT considerations as to their role and importance to the proposed IT solution to be implemented to improve the business process for UMUC Haircuts.

In Stage 4, you will prepare and present an Executive Briefing of your findings.  This briefing will be presented to Myra Morningstar, the owner of UMUC Haircuts, to explain and provide the justification for her to implement your technology solution.   For your executive briefing select the major components from each stage of the project to present.  For purposes of this exercise you do not need to focus on the cost of the proposed solution, but rather focus on convincing her that your proposed solution will improve the operation of UMUC Haircuts – specifically the business process you selected for improvement – and help her achieve the selected strategy for competitive advantage.






Executive Briefing for UMUC Haircuts:  Presentation.  The table below explains how to incorporate information from the earlier stages into this Stage 4 Presentation.

Category Details
Title Slide ·         Introduce the project, including appropriate information about the ‘who, what, when and why’
Stage One  ·         Identify the strategy for competitive advantage you selected for UMUC Haircuts·         Identify the  business process you selected to improve
Stage Two  ·         Identify the Solution you chose to improve the process and help UMUC Haircuts with their strategy for competitive advantage.·         Address how the IT solution you proposed will improve the process.

·         Give an overview of IT solution components, IT skills, and business resources needed to implement the solution.

·         Explain the business benefits of the solution (benefits in addition to improving the process itself) and how the solution will help achieve the strategy for competitive advantage.

Stage Three ·         Review the IT considerations you determined to be most important.  This would include any consideration that has a High importance ranking.  Select no more than five of the IT considerations that are the MOST important.
Other ·         Identify at least three major risks associated with your proposed solution and what can be done to mitigate (prevent) them.·         Summary/Conclusion and Closing.



Executive Briefing:

  • A Title on every slide
  • Consistent graphics throughout the presentation
  • Brief bullet points only on slides
  • Notes:  The bullet points in your presentation will be supported by relevant details in the Notes section of the slides, which contain the actual words you would say to Myra as you present each slide.
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