Tragedy of the Commons
1) What does Hardin mean by the expression “Tragedy of the Commons”? What are “The Commons”?
2) What example/parable does Hardin use to illustrate the “Tragedy of the Commons”? Give an example of the ‘Commons’
from your local area. How does this relate to the Carrying Capacity of the land?
3) Is the human population problem really unsolvable like a game of tick-tack-toe? Provide your opinion on this.
4) According to Hardin, why will appealing to the individual consciousness never work? Do you agree with this or not?
5) Explain Hardin’s theory of “Lifeboat ethics”. Do you agree with Hardin on this point?
6) Hardin quotes the economist Adam Smith in his article. How did Adam Smith’s views influence Hardin’s writing?
7) Hardin writes: “We must soon cease to treat the Parks as commons or they will be of no value to anyone.” Do you agree with Hardin’s view? Why or why not?

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