1). Watch this short Ted Ed video on Joseph Campbell’s definition of a hero: https://youtu.be/Hhk4N9A0oCA. Though it’s a little reductive and doesn’t work in every way, use the video to discuss how Gilgamesh satisfies most of Campbell’s characteristics for a classic hero in Western culture. Refer to the video as you want, but don’t worry about direct quotes or citations or a Works Cited page. Just refer to it freely.
2). Explain how The Odyssey is an expression of ancient Greek values.
3). Explain how Oedipus the King could be read as Sophocles’ response to the Sophists.
4). Choose Medea and/or Odysseus and think of how each of them could be criticized for “bad behavior” by modern readers. In what ways could an understanding of some of the ancient world’s obsessions help lessen some of the criticisms a modern reader might have toward one or both of these characters?

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