Directions: You have been assigned by the Commissioner to prepare a PowerPoint presentation, to be presented to the Legislative Ways and Means Committee.  The presentation is to request funding to create a 20 bed Assisted Daily Living Unit for elderly and medically disabled inmates.  Medical care and services will be provided by a private vendor; correction officers will provide security in the unit. The presentation must include:
Provide the historical justification for the need for this type of specialized unit
Explain the legal mandate for the delivery of healthcare in correctional facilities
Explain how this creation of the unit is consistent with the mission and the vision of the agency.
Detail the criteria for inmate placement in the unit
Detail the services to be provided (For the purposes of this project assume a contract cost of $250,000)
Detail the number of correction officers required to provide security in the unit and any special skills these officers may need.  Remember, if they need special skills and need additional training, you will need to detail how you will train them and how you will pay for such.
Identify the stakeholders and what critical factors need to be taken into consideration for each stakeholder.

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