Explain how this person uses/used power, influence, and authority to achieve his/her accomplishments in the field.
Horace Mann was a politician he began with being a lawyer and a legislator who also worked on reforming education to help better teaching and student learning. While working on his new rules to reform the school he was met with liberal protesters who did not like the new system, and they believe he was imposing his own theories on everyone. But instead, he came with a plan and voiced his plan, and soon people realized his ideas were really good. Mann was a part of the house of representatives he served from 1827-1833 and then again in 1835-1837 he also established a state hospital for the insane.
Of the types of power (legitimate, reward, coercive, expert, and referent), which would you say this person utilized most frequently? Explain.
Mann begins his quest to change the school once he realized it started to deteriorate and he accepted his first secretaryship of the board. His proposal restated 6 things (1) that a republic cannot long remain ignorant and free, hence the necessity of universal popular education; (2) that such education must be paid for, controlled, and sustained by an interested public; (3) that such education is best provided in schools embracing children of all religious, social, and ethnic backgrounds; (4) that such education, while profoundly moral in character, must be free of sectarian religious influence; (5) that such education must be permeated throughout by the spirit, methods, and discipline of a free society, which preclude harsh pedagogy in the classroom; and (6) that such education can be provided only by well-trained, professional teachers. (Horace Mann 2021)
Describe the enduring impact this person had on education….
Based on his accomplishments they now allow children to go to school for free based on the schools being funded by the local taxes.

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