You should follow the recommended steps to develop and deliver your pitch:
 Recap on relevant key issues.
 Finalise objective(s) for the advertising campaign(s)
 Explain your strategy and tactics
 Explain the development and creative process behind your ideas.
 Demonstrate and discuss your advertisement campaigns
 Discuss how your advertisements will influence consumers
 Discuss budget and timeline
 Justify how your campaigns will be evaluated
For each of the content sections above you are expected to find, integrate and correctly reference a range of sources (academic journal articles or books) in addition to any other practical sources you may use. These sources should be used to provide theoretical and practical arguments to underpin your work. You will lose marks if you do not integrate such sources. There is a list of acceptable academic journals to utilise below:
Relevant Academic Journals:
 Journal of Advertising
 Journal of Advertising Research
 Journal of Interactive Marketing
 International Journal of Advertising
 Journal of Marketing Communications
 Journal of Brand Management
This assignment is designed to assess learning outcomes:
1. Take a professional standard brief, undertake research that will support creative advertising planning and establish the context for developing advertising campaign ideas.
2. Develop a set of visual images and/or other forms of creative designs that meet professional standard creative brief requirements
3. Develop a set of text ideas that meet a professional standard creative brief requirements
4. Produce a professional presentation pitch that indicates the developmental process and justifies the
final execution ideas in relation to the set objectives

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