Look at the historical economical map (Valla_1868_77_zoomed). Compare what’s in the red square with the sediment map and describe the main relationship between the grain size of the sediment (finer, coarse, mixed or bedrock, which affect the water holding capacity) and land use. How has sediment type affected land use in 1868 in the study area?
Open the map Valla_1948. Compare it with the maps from 1868-77. What has changed from 1868-1948? What has not changed much?
Open the map Valla_landuse_today and a contemporary aerial photograph. Describe the main relationships between location, sediment, land use and vegetation patterns today. What main changes have taken place in land use since 1948? What land uses are the same?
What places have been stable?
Conclusions: Explain the reasons why some of these changes have taken place and how it has affected biodiversity in different areas (short and simply).

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