Everyone learns and studies in different ways. Even when an instructor and textbook have eloquently explained a concept, a simple rewording or analogy by a peer can sometimes give that “lightbulb” moment that you were missing to connect the concepts. Sometimes our peers develop a new pneumonic to remember the sequence of structures that makes it easier to remember. Other times, you may find sketching the anatomy or thinking about a real world circumstance help you to remember a specific concept better than just looking over it in your book or on your screen.
For this Extra Credit Assignment, you can create and share a creative and novel (new) study tool that represents any anatomy or physiology topic from A&P II. You will not receive points for copied or widely known study tools, so do not copy and paste from Google. Let your creative juices flow as you continue to learn A&P.
Project: You can complete 1 project for 1 post from any of the categories:

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