This extra credit can replace 1 missing assignment (not an Essay I/II or Research Project assignment) or 1 missed class day. If you don’t need to replace, this can be worth up to 1% on final grade.
The extra credit is to essentially produce a 2-3 page analysis of a community you belong to in two parts. The first half should identify and share info on the community you belong to. Try to ‘define’ it for your reader. What makes it a community? Who are the members and what ‘qualities’ do they have? What ‘events’ bring the community together? Describe what it is like when the community gets together. In a sense, define and show us what this community is like.
The second half should be analysis of what this community ‘does’ for you. Try to highlight one or two key effects this community has on you. How has being a part of this community changed you? What ‘role’ does the community play in your every day life? What have you lessons have you learned from your community that maybe help guide you through life?
This does not have to be presented like an essay, but should have properly developed paragraphs and be edited for clarity. Let me know if you have any questions.

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