Our family perfectly knows the formula of happiness. There are four of us: mother Ann, father Tom and my sister Kate. I am the youngest in the family. Now I’m in school. I am fond of dancing and love to travel with my family!

I consider myself and my family to be really great! Our parents do their best for me and my sister Kate. They want us to study and achieve our goals in life.

I really love my mother and I’m very grateful to her for everything she did and is still doing for me. The head of our family is my father Peter. He is a very versatile and industrious person. My father loves to play hockey and soccer. We respect him so much.

Now I will tell you about my beloved sister Kate. We had great fun with her when we were children as we grew up together. She is a very active girl and even now she is fond of acrobatics, dances and figure skating. My sister is very cheerful, kind, sympathetic, purposeful and sociable person.
We have our own traditions: the most important of them is hospitality and respect for people. We always meet guests with joy since our parents taught us respect from childhood. One more tradition of our family is love for nature, travelling and skiing. Since 1995 we have visited about twelve countries of the world. We love to travel, learn customs and traditions of other peoples and just to have rest.

We always celebrate holidays in the family circle: we congratulate each other, exchange gifts and good emotions. I am proud of my family and I love them all!

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