At the age of 11 I was lucky enough to visit Italy. This country charmed me at once: I really liked its narrow streets, always smiling and friendly people and a bit strange, but very peculiar way of life. Most of all I was impressed by their cuisine.

Though I’m not a little girl anymore, I still clearly recall my feelings when I ate pizza for the first time. I remember a waiter who approached the table with my large pizza and put it in front of me. I closed my eyes and smelled it. The smell of pizza was unfamiliar, but very taking, I liked it at once. As soon as I opened my eyes, my attention was attracted by cheese on the pizza, which melted in unusual form – it somehow reminded me Africa. I spent several seconds gazing at my pizza and trying to find other peculiar forms, but then gave up and started eating it.
That day I thought that pizza was the most delicious meal in the world. Frankly speaking, I haven’t changed my mind till now. I really adore it. When I invite my friends to my place to spend evening watching a film, I usually order a pizza or two. Every my birthday we celebrate in a pizza restaurant (each time it is a different place), and when I’m in good mood for cooking something delicious, I make pizza. It is really the tastiest meal for me!

I also want to admit that…

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