Assignment Requirements

At this academic level, it is expected that reference lists show a reasonable breadth of reading and include at least 15 references, but probably substantially more. There should be a reasonable spread of source types (journal articles, books, trade journals etc). Too heavy a reliance upon websites alone is to be avoided; evidence of academic reading is necessary. (At least 5 books + 5 journals + 5 websites required).

Suggested topics for discussion:
Title page

1. Introduction (Around 250 words, defining what is feasibility study, including role and purpose; Why, how and what is key basic considerations when feasibility study is conducted.)

— Depth studies required on the reasoning for the museum development
— Purpose for offer educational knowledge in terms of scientific and technological aspects to visitors, and also provides historical overview for entertaining human beings through a combination of permanent and variable collections.
— Purpose for promote and develop Hong Kong tourism, increasing international travelers to travel in Hong Kong, although mainland China visitors are the majority of the travelers.
— Purpose for business profit
— Briefly describe concept and design, location and the site, market and competition, financial projection and legislation are the key elements that need to be considered in the feasibility study

2. Discussion (Around 1250 words)
a. Concept and design (style/theme, outlook, atmosphere, objective environmental impact, compromises etc), (Around 320 words)
— Corpus, education, creative are concept of the museum, which provides entertainment with a small journey through human body.

b. Location and site (Around 320 words)
— Choose an area of West Kowloon in Hong Kong for the museum site, discuss the advantages of the site is suitable for building a new museum, such as convenient transportation, good environment view, wider enough in capacity of land, good in flow of people, or environmental impact

c. Market and Competition (Supply and Demand, target customer, industry/market trends, direct and potential competitor), (Around 320 words)
— Set local people and international travelers as the target customers. Analyze Museum Corpus is higher demand or not.
— Discuss the industry/market trend of museum
— Analyze direct and potential competitors of the new Museum Corpus, such as different museums in Kowloon of Hong Kong, or different museums of other Asian cities. Point out the unique and special of the new Museum Corpus in Asia.

d. Financial projection (Capital cost, income and expenditure) and Legislation (Statutory requirement, Planning permission, Licences), (Around 290 words)
— Describe Hong Kong government would find a developer and Management Company to share develop and manage the museum
— Describe how much the capital cost Hong Kong government would use, and what the sources of the new Museum Corpus income and expenditure such as ticketing, entrance fee, reservation of conference rooms, food and beverage outlets, labour, and energy costs, etc.
— Discuss what statutory requirement, planning permission, and licences should be fulfilled according to law of Hong Kong. You can suggest employing a professional legal consultation company for handle the legal related statutory requirements,because of objective, expertise of specialist staff, and can use experience gained from other projects.

3. Conclusion (Around 150 words, refinement required and feasibility or not)

— Encouraged to illustrate the work with brief references to appropriate industry examples; three or four shall suffice in a piece of work of this nature and length.
— Expected to undertake appropriate secondary research (Information gathered from sources which already exist; examples include textbooks, journals, government publications and industry reports)
— The report should have a correct structure with a clear introduction, mainly body and conclusion. The analysis should show clear evidence of critical thinking and analysis and evaluation of the topic � not be merely descriptive.
— The introduction should set the scene for the report, briefly summarise the supporting research that has been undertaken in its preparation, give specific details of what topics will be discussed, and provide an indication of what conclusion will be drawn. The main body should then discuss each topic in turn. The conclusion should sum up the key points of the argument given and draw logical conclusions based on the evidence presented in the body of the report.

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