Feedback Response Assignment7 Review HealthCare Policy and Response to Special Speaker

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Health Care Policy


1. Describe the health care system in the United States.

2. What distinguishes the United States health care system from that of other industrialized nations?

3. Is the Unite States health care system efficient? Why or why not?

4. Is the United States health care system equitable? Why or why not?

5. What is Medicare? Who does Medicare cover?

6. What is Medicaid? Who does it cover?

7. List one of the major challenges within the United States health care system and thoroughly describe the issue.


Feedback and Response to Indiana COVID-19 Press Conference

1. What was your key take-away regarding public health policy regarding COVID-19 in Indiana?

2. What did you learn about recent COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations in Indiana?

3. How does this work impact individuals, families, communities, and the state?

4. How does this relate to information provided in the Public Policy text by Kraft & Furlong regarding state policy making?


Document should be uploaded as a MS Word or PDF document in Canvas.

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