Final question Management homework help

Write a critical evaluation of your learning outcome. In your response, consider:

1. Consider the content of this class as they relate to financial acuity and managerial decision making.

2. Base on the course content, discuss the new skills you acquired from this class?

3. How would you apply your new knowledge of your current and/or future profession?

350 Words. APA format. No plagiarism please

Course Content

Part 1: Principles of Managerial Finance

A. Introduction to Financial Management

B. Financial Statements, Cash Flows, and Depreciation

C. Financial Analysis

D. Time Value of Money

E. Security Valuation: Bond, Preferred Stock, Common Stock, and Bonds.

Part 2: Advance Topics in Managerial Finance

A. Financial Planning and Forecasting

B. Risk and Returns

C. Capital Budgeting Decisions

D. Cost of Capital

E. Capital Structure

F. Dividend Policy

G. Short-term Finance and Planning

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