Find an advertisement, cartoon, or image on the Internet that depends predominantly (if not entirely) on visual appeals to market a product or make a point. Avoid using videos or commercials. Consider the purpose, targeted audience(s), context, and effectiveness or ineffectiveness of the image.
In your introduction, identify the image, the purpose, and the targeted audience(s) of the image you are analyzing. Include either a copy of the image or a link to where the image can be found. Also, include a thesis statement at the end of the introduction that reflects the content of your essay.
In the body of the analysis, discuss the context (meaning) of the visual. Discuss the elements used in the visual to get the reader to think a certain way. You might discuss visual elements like shapes, colors, size, shadows, and positions to name a few. Also, discuss the effectiveness (or ineffectiveness) of these visual elements.
End with a brief conclusion that summarizes what you have learned from completing the analysis of the rhetorical situation.

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