Foundations in Emergency Management for Disasters and Healthcare.

Master of Disaster Management

The course is Foundations in Emergency Management for Disasters and Healthcare.


1- One full page (3-4 paragraphs) with the attached reference and at least 1 additional references.

2- Write as a second Language and Use Simple Academic Words.

3- Use APA style format 6th edition including in-text citations.

4- Use the Grammarly program to correct all the mistakes that give you because my university checks and depends on Grammarly.

5- Avoid passive voice absolutely.

6- Avoid start new sentence with unclear subject such as (THIS).

I attached the original file and these are supplement :


Mehta S. Disaster and mass casualty management in a hospital: How well are we prepared?. J Postgrad Med [serial online] 2006 [cited 2016 Jan 21];52:89-90. Available from:


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