There are no principles of commercial law. The only thing that matters is the actual practice of commercial actors.’ Discuss.

Essay instructions:-

The essay MUST be typewritten or word-processed. Please note the following:

There are two elements of the assessment:-
The first element is an essay, with a word-limit of 4000 words.
The second element is an explanatory justification, with a word-limit of 1000 words.

In responding to the essay question, students are required to provide an essay which covers all four units of study.

The explanatory justification requires students to identify how their response to the question deals with each of the four units of study. Students are required to state where in their essay they have addressed issues arising from each of the units of study, and justify why (if at all), certain units of study have been covered in less detail or depth compared to other units of study.

•You must reference any cases cited using Oscola

The Required total word counts is 5000 words
an essay, 4000 words.
an explanatory justification, 1000 words.

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