Contrasting interpretations of contemporary globalized cities characterize them as:
(i) Increasingly fragmented places dominated by neoliberal capitalism OR;
(ii) Sites from which neoliberalism and its effects can be politically contested OR;
(iii) Places of progressive possibility, containing the resources, communities and capacities to enact alternative urbanisms.
Write an essay in which you:
(i) briefly identify the basis of these characterizations (c20% of the essay)
(ii) select one of these characterizations and critically evaluate the basis of its claims.


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This paper requires someone who is highly knowledgeable about the impacts of earthquakes and Geography. The paper is an analysis- synthesis paper that requires the writer to express the views of the following: 1. Demographer (population density, dependency ratio, corruption index) 2. Geologist (proximity to oceans-tsunamis, topographical characteristics-landslides, and geology of the ground- steepness) 3. NGO development worker (GDP- development status, Gini coefficient, and concrete evidence of preparation or disaster preparedness) 4. Seismologist (plate boundaries/fault lines, movement of plates, type of boundaries ex. subduction, and the seismic gap theory – frequency and regularity of earthquakes based on past records. All evidences must be accurate and specific with citations and are not earlier than 2010 (except for history of earthquakes).

The 4 viewpoints need to be synthesized into 1 coherent UN proposal following a 3 paragraph format, complete with all figures and information- 4 roles/views, 3 factors each role, totalling 12 points of discussion or debate for each country. Because this is essentially a compare and contrast funding proposal, that would make 24 points of discussion for 2 countries.

The countries in question are Indonesia with a focus on Sumatra and Iran.

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*Find this image (info graphic) here:

My topic for this assignment is : Development in Kenya, KENYA is the topic.

Examine the infographic below and read “The Next Empire” article on development in Africa. These readings will inform your discussion participation.

Think about the development strategies we’ve discussed so far in class (e.g. dependency theory, modernization theory, neoliberalism). How could you classify the development that’s taking place in Africa now? Does it fall under one of the theories we’ve discussed or is it something new? What are some continuing challenges to development? Where is development concentrated? Why might this be the case?

The Next Empire, Howard W. French, The Atlantic

Your discussion assignment for this week is to help build this class wiki that applies geographic thinking to development in Africa. The class has been split into groups to create wiki pages on development in specific countries. Please click on the link for your group at the bottom of the page.

Geographic questions:

What are the development indicators for this country? How have they changed over time?

Where is development taking place in the country?

What development strategies have been used in the country? To what ends?

In which sectors of the economy is the growth occurring in?

What connections does this country’s economy have to other countries in Africa and throughout the world?

What factors are helping development?

What factors are hindering development?

What does development mean for the people living there?

How is development impacting the use of space? (e.g. urbanization, infrastructure projects, housing, etc.)

Feel free to add and answer other questions.

Image source:

Each individual will choose a question from the prompt above. You will search the internet to find resources that answer your question. You can use wikipedia for basic research, but you’ll need an additional source to elaborate your findings. Formulate a summary posting of your answer of about 100 words and include your name in parenthesis at the end, links to your sources, pertinent images, and video. You should each introduce a unique resource, so read what other students have already posted and build on that. The earlier you finish this assignment the more resources you’ll have to choose from.

To share your post, you can click the “edit’ button in the top right corner of the page. This will let you make changes, to the page so you can add your post under the pertinent question or create a new section. The ideally, we will have one collaboratively created document that will have all of your group’s information. The software keeps track of all changes and who’s made them. You can also share your post via the “comment” feature, though this creates a more disjointed document.

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this is the link:

Watch it, while taking notes. It is 22 minutes long. Answer the following questions in a short essay format

1. Which country is discussed? How big is this country (population)? Where is it located in the region of South Asia?

2. What is Gross National Happiness policy? What are some key elements of it? Who is promoting it?

3. What is the evidence presented that it is actually working?

4. Are you convinced that this country is “better off” than some of it neighbors? Why? Justifying by using some economical and social statistics found in Tables in your textbook. Check the political organization of this country (use CIA Factbook to find out more about its government). Do you think such policy could be implemented in any country, or this requires a particular political organization?

5. Finally, do you feel USA could have a similar policy? Why or why not

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 Physical Geography Lab Activity

 Bio geography of the Sierra Nevada



Step 1. Write a one page summary of the differences in climate, species diversity, and plant communities between the Western and Eastern Sierra.   Use your creativity and a bit of effort to locate

bio- geography resources online.

* Search phrases you could use :                                                                                                                                            .Climate and vegetation variation between East and West Sierra.                                                                          .Mammoth Mountain Environment.                                                                                                                         .Plant communities of Eastern Sierra.                                                                                                                         .Biology of the Sierra Nevada.                                                                                                                           .Vegetation of the Sierra Nevada.

Step 2:

Locate information regarding the following species that are found in the Sierras.

. Half page summary on EACH species below!

1- Great Basin Sage

2-Pinyon Pine


4-Rabbit Brush

5-Jeffrey Pine

6-Stellars Jay


8-Lodgepole Pine


  • Include a variety of information on Each species including: history, use by native American, growth characteristics, typical geography or spatial nature of the species.

                                                         So will be 4 pages!


Step 3:

Include a resource page at the end of your project showing the name/addresses of the website that you used.

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This assignment is not writing essay. it is drawing two maps and there are location map and site map for Nobbys Lighthouse, Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia. You can use software for this assignment. Please label important features of the maps. And please put north arrow.

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