Health Education Package Essay Example

Health Education Package Essay Example
This second assessment follows on from the first assessment (Health education assessment planner  ASSESMENT 2 A) and expands on the chosen topic (Mental Health and how it Impacts on Nursing in Rural Australia) to develop a health education package to be delivered to a virtual audience.
You are now required to submit a virtual health education package to your identified group, based on the literature you found in the essay for assignment one (ATTACHED), and the health education session plan you submitted in assessment 2A. Your group may be comprised of health professionals, registered nurses, teachers, parents, children, or the general community. How you plan your session will depend on the group you have chosen.
Your Health Education Package should include the following parts:

The first part will be A SUMMARY of the education session plan andInclude a 100 word reflection about how you have incorporatedTHE FEEDBACK FROM the evaluation questions that you had submitted with the education session plan (Approximately 600 words for both the summary and the feedback) Health Education Package Essay Example


the second part is the essay (1500 words). This essay needs to use language that is accessible to the participant group (audience) and include:
A title
The aims and outcomes of the presentation
A content list is able to be included but is not compulsory
Using the APA referencing style with a minimum of 5 references:

 Reference all images and graphs using in text referencing under each image on each slide

You must adhere to correct 6th edition APA referencing conventions. References should be current, contemporary and from credible sources. References are counted in the word count.

Health education is an essential element of the nursing process. Health education, health promotion and primary health care are essential components of the Registered Nurse (RN) role. These aspects of health do not focus primarily on disease processes and treatment but rather on prevention, maintenance and engagement in a healthy lifestyle. Health Education Package Essay Example
This health education package will be based on your essay and will demonstrate students’ ability to develop a suitable package on a chosen topic to deliver health education.
Health Education Package
Health is one of the most fundamental pillars of life that has the power of dictating the lifespan of any human being. This aspect is directly related to lifestyle in the sense that people that suffer from terminal diseases are less likely to live a longer life when compared to their healthy counterparts. The advancement in globalization and industrialization has caused people to live their lives in the first lane so that they can meet the demands of their families. To that effect, the majority of them are suffering from a number of ailments that affect children and adults in equal measure. Health Education Package Essay Example. The understanding of these diseases is the first step towards knowing how to lead a healthy and fulfilling life. This paper is an essay that develops a health education package that can be used to understand the state of mental health and how it impacts on nursing in rural Australia.
Body of the Essay

Summary of the education session plan and feedback from the evaluation questions

The core aim of this health session was to address some of the challenges that are facing people living in rural Australia. The specific area of focus was mental health where the participants were to learn how to identify, assess and evaluate a child who is suffering from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD. This choice was made because statistics indicate that the mental health of school going children has not been given enough or sufficient attention in the rural places within Australia (Atkins et al, 2014) Health Education Package Essay Example. Further, these places are the ones that have a lot of problems when it comes to health care, education and even social growth and expansion. This health session strived to help people understand how they can identify a child who suffers from ADHD.
Hence, the session began by first evaluating the feedback obtained from the questions so that the session planners would know how much their audience knows about mental health.  The first question wanted to ascertain whether people within the Australian community are satisfied with the status of mental health that they receive. The results were astounding since most people confessed that they do not like the health attention and advice that is focused towards improving their mental abilities. Since this question was answered on a yes or no basis, I went ahead to ask the audience the reasons that led them to give these responses. The majority of people stated that doctors and physicians concentrate on their physical health and neglect on mental aspects.            Likewise, the participants stated that they do not think that the services they receive in their mental health clinics had any benefits to them. When it comes to the question of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and if the participants thought it is an issue of concern is rural places in Australia, most of them agreed that their children were at risk. This problem was even increased because people did not have a lot of understanding when it comes to matters of mental well-being. The feedback obtained from the health session also showed that psychiatric disorder rates are higher in rural areas as compared to metropolitan areas.
With respect to young school going children, data have for some years shown that Australia experienced an increase in the number of people that suffered from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. This directly caused them to develop at a much lower pace because it interferes with the child’s ability to remain attentive either in class or even when playing with other children (Cross et al, 2016). In the rural areas of Australia, the situation is far much worse since there are lesser health facilities, clinics and even hospitals compared to the urban cities. Furthermore, children in their early and preschool years are the ones that are largely affected and this directly means that the future of Australia is at risk if this problem is not tackled Health Education Package Essay Example. Hence, the choice to address ADHD in terms of its symptoms, diagnosis and even treatment is a suitable topic for this health education package. The following part of the essay explores the outcomes of the presentation and the follow ups that need to be made.

b) Title of the presentation: Status of mental health in rural Australia-Focus on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.
c) The aims and outcomes of the presentation

This health education session aimed at demystifying all the issues that revolve around ADHD with specific focus on the rural population living in Australia. The first activity of the presentation was introduction where everybody was given a chance to give their names and specific places that they live Health Education Package Essay Example. This served as the ice breaker so that people could now feel free to interact with each other. The next two sessions focused on proving an in-depth overview of mental health issues with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder being given first priority.
For this reason, I began by providing statistics to the audience where I showed them that the department of social services pointed out that Australia as a country has many casualties of mental diseases.
This is vivid from the number of children between 8 and 12 who commit suicide due to one reason or the other. Further, rural children definitely experience more troubles with coping and stress when compared with urban children. I also discussed ADHD at length where I began by explaining that this disorder affects the neural and brain functions of a child. Hence, they face a lot of difficulty when they try to stay focused in class, listen to their teachers or even engage in a conversation (Gulliver et al, 2010). Additionally, the mental disease affects children even in their play time such that they fail to focus on a given game.
This directly inhibits their school work and social lives such that most of them tend to develop depression like symptoms. This presentation was laid out such that I began with the facts of the disease, its manifestation and effects before going ahead to receive feedback from the public. I went ahead to explain to the participants that Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder affects nearly ten percent of the children in rural Australia. I also wanted the audience to know that this disorder is high among children because most people do not even know how or are not really aware that their child may actually be having a mental illness. Hence, one of the positive outcomes of this presentation is that I got to educate the audience on how they can identify a person that has this ailment.
The first obvious symptom that I gave is the lack of organization and orderliness when it comes to performing simple tasks. A child that suffers from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder finds it hard to wake up on their own, dress up on time or even finish up simple homework (McGorry et al, 2007).  This should be used as a signal that people should use to know that the mental wellbeing of their child is not right. What’s more, people with ADHD suffer from a lot of inattention and even excessive excitement. This means that they can be unusually psyched over small things but their attention is really short lived (Patel et al, 2010) Health Education Package Essay Example.
The participants also got to learn that children who develop this mental condition find it very hard to perform well in their classwork. Consequently, some of them end up spending a lot of time in one class or school level since passing exams is such an uphill task for them. I advised the audience to be keen on other signs such as the frequent loss of personal items such as shoes, books and even bags. At times, some children even forget daily activities that they are meant to do such as clean their uniform, arrange their rooms or even brush their teeth (Sawyer et al, 2012).
This happens because their mental efforts are drastically reduced and they cannot remember some things as well as they should. Some other children display an array of symptoms that range from being too restless and they will always fidget with their hands and feet to show that they are tired of doing something for too long. Others will even stand up and run around in places such as the classroom, church or meetings where they are actually supposed to be quiet and seated (Sawyer et al, 2012) Health Education Package Essay Example.
Part of this presentation also strived to link Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder to the nursing practices that take place in rural Australia. I wanted the audience to know more about mental health so that they can take charge when it comes to improving the lives of their children. The first part in ensuring this was learning about the methods of diagnosis that can be simply done in the home setting. The presentation also made use of facts and statistics that would paint a bigger and clearer picture when it comes to ADHD. The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare conducted a survey that showed that at children that are aged between 8 and 12 stand the highest chance of suffering from this condition (Sawyer et al, 2012). Health Education Package Essay Example.
Additionally, most of them are actually in their pre-schooling years where it is very critical for them to receive quality education. The fact that most children living in rural Australia cannot access mental health care is a worrying trend. Likewise, the nursing practices also need to be improved so that they can suit the needs of the wider population. The rationale behind this assertion is that health education is an essential element of the nursing process. In fact, it is the role of all registered nurses or RNs in Australia to improve the standards of primary health care for the benefit of every individual (Atkins et al, 2014).
These aspects of health do not focus primarily on disease processes and treatment but rather on prevention, maintenance and engagement in a healthy lifestyle. This means that mental health is included and subsequently integrated into this approach. For this health education session, the participants got to learn a lot about ADHD in a way that they did not imagine. The open discussion session was supposed to be a platform where people can interact with each other and at the same time ask questions on the topic. The common question that people wanted to know is whether there is any treatment for ADHD. The concerned participants got to know that their children can easily recover from this mental disease if only they seek early treatment (Cross et al, 2016).
Additionally, the outcome of this health session showed that most people were actually willing to improve their mental health but did not know how nursing practices could assist them. The health professionals, nurses and teachers who formed part of the audience gave their input on how best to handle Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, especially among young children. The inclusion of nursing requirements in the session also meant to educate people on what they should expect from their respective hospitals and clinics (Cross et al, 2016).
The people were assured that the doctors and physicians should be held accountable for all matters pertaining to brain functions. This includes making patients aware of the best ways to handle a mental disorder and how to manage it so that it does not spiral out of control. The entire health session and education package served its purpose of providing crucial information on mental health and how it impacts on people living in rural parts of Australia Health Education Package Essay Example.
Health education is one of the most vital and essential processes that ensures people are able to live better and fulfilled lives. The rapid change in lifestyle has resulted in a marked increase in the number of mental diseases and the majority of people are not aware of how to manage them. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is one of the common mental conditions that actually targets the young generation. In Australia, the statistics paint a clear picture of how children between 8 and 12 stand the risk of suffering from ADHD. This health education session was created and developed with the core aim of educating a virtual audience on mental ailments Health Education Package Essay Example. The focus was given on rural Australia where children in this age brackets are prone to suffer from ADHD. The plenty of information and facts outlined in this essay are a sure way of educating the masses on such an important topic.
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