Health Rights and Responsibilities

Health Rights and Responsibilities

Week 1

DQ 1 Intentional Torts in Healthcare

DQ 2 Most Pressing Ethical Issues


Week 2

DQ 1 Delineation of Clinical Privileges

DQ 2 Ethics Committee

Assignment, You Decide: Case Recommendation for Margie Whitson


Week 3

DQ 1 Roe v. Wade

DQ 2 New Reproductive Technologies

Project Background and Problem Statement – Physician Assisted Suicide

Scenario Should a Pregnant Woman Be Punished for Exposing…?


Week 4

Midterm Exam

Literature Review Physician Assisted Suicide

DQ 1 Explore what is meant by informed consent

DQ 2 Patient Self-Determination Act


Week 5

You Decide Assignment: Case of Lydia

DQ 1 Death with Dignity Act

DQ 2 Schiavo Case


Week 6

Case Study Malpractice, Tort Reform, Institutional Ethics

DQ 1 How does the existing U.S. legal system

DQ 2 You are the risk manager for a large hospital


Week 7

Final Project Paper – Physician Assisted Suicide

Final Project Presentation – Physician Assisted Suicide

DQ 1 Healthcare Reform

DQ 2 Healthcare War Rooms


Week 8

Final Exam

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