Health Service Systems

Health Service Systems


HSM 541 Health Service Systems


Week 1

DQ 1, Costs, Quality, and Access

DQ 2, Illness vs. Health Promotion


Week 2

You Decide Activity

DQ 1, Healthcare Workforce

DQ 2, Government Programs


Week 3

Written Assignment

DQ 1, Private Insurance

DQ 2, The Uninsured


Week 4

Midterm Exam

DQ 1, Primary Care

DQ 2, Managed Care


Week 5

Written Assignment

DQ 1, Hospitals

DQ 2, Employer Health Plans


Week 6

You Decide Activity

DQ 1, Errors, Safety

DQ 2, Improving Quality


Week 7

Course Project Due

DQ 1, Fraud and Abuse

DQ 2, Healthcare Management

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