Health Services Finance

Health Services Finance

Week 1

Assignment; Financial Laws and Regulation

DQ 1, Finance and the Regulatory Components

DQ 2, Reimbursement and Payment Determination


Week 2

DQ 1, Accounting Conventions and Methods

DQ 2, Financial Performance



Week 3

DQ 1, Cost Categories

DQ 2, Cost Information



Week 4

DQ 1, Financial Sources

DQ 2, Financial Theories and Concepts

Midterm Exam


Week 5

Assignment; Capital Budgeting Process

DQ 1, Capital Investments

DQ 2, Future and Present Value


Week 6

Assignment; Cash and Working Capital

DQ 1, Cash and Assets

DQ 2, Cash Resources


Week 7

DQ 1, HMO, MCO and Health Plans

DQ 2, Financial Policy



Week 8

Final Exam

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