Eleanor Clarke Slagle Anthology Assignment Guidelines The text used contains a true legacy in the tradition of one of the greatest occupational therapy pioneers, Eleanor Clarke Slagle (1876-1942). The compilation presents over 50 Eleanor Clarke Slagle lectures, and while each stands firm on its own as a solid example of scholarship, when read sequentially they form a unique record of the steady progress and increasing sophistication of occupational therapy. The lectures contain history, leadership, mentoring, encouragement, admonishment, philosophy, and practical guidance. Above all, they reflect Slagle’s vision of the integration of theory, philosophy, and spirit from which practitioners, educators, and students can draw inspiration. The broader historical and social context is not always evident within individual lectures, but it becomes apparent when the whole body of work of each honored lecturer is considered. Your paper will be submitted as per your syllabus of the course, APA 6 style, \
• A concise list (bullet points) of important history relevant to the development of the occupational therapy practice. (20 points max)
• A brief summary( in your own words) of the main “Pearls of Wisdom/history” for each lecture/year (2-3 sentences). (40 points max)
\• *Must show maximal effort, and complete content in each area for max points* Text: Padilla, R. (Ed.) (2011). A professional legacy: The Eleanor Clarke Slagle Lectures in occupational therapy: 1955-2010, 3rd edition. Bethesda, MD: AOTA Press.

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