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Applying the IRAC Method to Ethical Dilemmas


In this unit, you will go back and use the IRAC method to apply the concepts of ethical leadership (See Attached) to each one of the vignettes that you created from last week paper (See Attached). Use last week’s paper as a base and then include your application following each vignette. This needs to exemplify doctoral level critical thinking, NOT a summary of the readings.

This is a scholarly research paper. It must be 8 pages long, not including the reference section, and must be double spaced. It is to have all the sections of a formal paper, including title page, abstract, introduction, and body of the paper, conclusion, and reference sections. It must also adhere to APA writing standards from the most current APA manual.

Remember, this paper needs to exemplify doctoral level critical thinking and analysis rather than just summarize the readings. The writing is to objectively evaluate and report on the findings of your research materials and the readings from the course. Professional writing is required.

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