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please follow this format for chapter 3
3.2Critical Review of Approaches to Organisational Development
3.3Rationale for OD Model Selected
3.4OD Model* (*HSE Modell)
3.4.1 Initiation
3.4.2 Planning
3.4.3 Implementation
3.4.4 Mainstreaming
*HSE Model

This chapter should provide an overview of the methodology and methods you would use as part
of the OD project. This can be structured using the OD model that you have selected to help guide
your project and should be informed by relevant project management principles. The chapter
should outline the practices you would engage in, rigorously supported by literature on OD and
change. The chapter should incorporate a detailed project management plan which should
significantly assess aspects of the project and risk management as well as provide a supporting
financial case. All aspects of the chapter should be supported by relevant literature and theories
associated with planning and leading organisational development projects. It should be at a
standard suitable to a top management team for assessment of its suitability for implementation.
Note that, if required, a PDSA or other cycle/model can be incorporated into your OD project.

my project is plan to implementing Electronic Medical Record in the Nutrition and Dietetics Department in a Small Hospitals in UAE .please read file Project Implementation Plan Dissertation Guidelines..

also i will uploud other file to help you please read it ..
also i will uploud chapter 1 &2 to know what is about the subject

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