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My assignment title is
“Development of social networking based tourist system for mobile.” I want to do it for windows mobile phone. So it must be done in visual studio using c# .net language and sql server as back end. The application is mostly similar to facebook. But this application has only tourism data. A tourist must be able to use this application for uploading their photos, videos and sharing their experiences. The other people must have an option of liking and commenting their photos and videos. The application must contain check in option same as facebook, so that the user can check in from any place to make his location visible to all his friends. Each user must have their individual profile with id and password, where they can upload pictures and videos. The user must also be able to share these in facebook and twitter.
The application must have some social networking features like the user must be able to
Upload pictures, videos
Comment on uploaded pictures and videos
Must be able to give rating
A search engine
Sort by option
User login
Share in facebook, twitter
Like option etc.

I also have a design for it. I will upload later.
Please read the requirements carefully and do according to that. The design was given just for clarification and for good understanding. You may not do it as it is like design. Use the ms sql database. If you get any doubts, please contact me.

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