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• Dear Writer, It is my pleasure to be with you again. I have another assignment for this week and I will repeat some information. I want to confirm that I won’t accept any writer doing this order EXCEPT my preferred writer I’ve chosen who is Writer 1120.
Dear Writer, I am a graduate student and my program of master is Disaster Medicine and Management and currently studying a course with this information Course name: Organizational Management & Communication in Disasters Course description: DMM 631 Organizational Management and Communication in Disasters (3-0-3) This course introduces students to theories of organizational dynamics and management as it pertains to crisis and disaster situations. The course also explores communication within the organization, with external agencies, and with the public and media during and after disaster events.
The assignment of this week, which will be the last assignment for the last week of the term, is a special because it has 2 questions as usual and one small part for feedback after this term finishes and mall part for peer review thoughts.
(VERY IMPORTANT) 1- Please the four point using UP TO three references and I will put HERE the reading assignments of this week which should help you and can be considered. The topic of the last week is: Risk Communications, Wrapping Up. The references and reading assignments of this week (that may be considered for the first two questions are:
London Subway.pdf – Interesting article about the London subway events and management/leadership.
https://www.wired.com/dangerroom/2010/05/preparing-for-the-next-haiti-with-maps-texts-and-tweets/ take a look at this article to see how the communication and response guidance in Haiti could be replicated in a future event
– NOW, remember that there are 2 pages to answer 4 points ( 2 academic questions as usual + feedback + peer thoughts). The distribution of the two pages will be as follows: one page for question + feedback+ peer thoughts. The other pages will be for question 2, as the instructor mentioned.
– There are two attached files: the first one are the the four points that should be answered for this week and the other file is the questions of the previous 12 weeks and the textbooks of the course just to refresh your memory and be able to answer question 2 in particular by reminding you the main issues of all the week to be able to answer and know the materials that have been discussed, which will not be new for you because you were the one who answered most of them.
– NOTE FOR QUESTION ONE: the link of the article mentioned in this question is:
This question also mentioned the Risk Communication Project so the third attached will be this project, IF YOU NEED IT.
: 2- I am an international student so please a clear language and avoid the hard or uncommon words or expressions that usually be native speakers BUT all question must be answered completely and nicely without missing any part of any question. 3- Make sure please to cover all the parts of each question. Regards!l

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