Order Description
I already have the paper started, it has been returned to me by my faculty with suggestions for corrections. I need it corrected and completed with the following criteria.

Components should include (but are not limited to):

• Background and significance of project/intervention
• Purpose and specific goals
• Project description
• Summary of literature (synthesis of exhaustive search)
• Synthesis and congruence to organizations strategic plan to project (if applicable)
• Project design (methods used to implement and evaluate the project)
• Findings (provide text presentation of all of the findings including charts and tables as
appropriate [in appendices] to portray findings visually to enhance
reader/audience/stakeholder understanding of the results).
• Discussion (provide an interpretation of the findings relevant to evidence‐based guidelines
and scholarly literature. Include a description of the project strengths and limitations).
• Conclusions (summarize the conclusions emerging from the findings and discussion).
• Recommendations (as relevant to the type of project)

The executive summary is on average 10-20 pages (10%-20% of the full report) in length (excluding cover page, charts, tables, references, and appendices), double spaced, Times Roman 12 point font, and follows APA conventions.

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