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hi .
firstwall i want tell about my class background .in this semster i have the class that name is ACCOUNTING 351 com , this class is focuse on how to write the perfisonal business letter and how to find to solve a problem from the cases the professor give to us with find codes from FASB ACCOUNTING STANDARDS CODIFICATION , ( http:aaahq.org/asclogin.cfm) web site and find the solution for the case , and answer as professional letter to compete with use these codes and your idea togedher .i need to write my letter with a writer who has MS in ACCOUNTING major or any body has Certified Public Accountant (CPA) because they know how to find the code and write a letter as accounting letter .
Memo Format: Please note that the CSUN Memo format is available on our Course Moodle page in the main box as well as the Week Three box.

2. Paraphrase: I want to share with all of you a clarification on an answer to one student’s question – but if you do not understand it – do not worry. In writing the Research Question Memo, you are asked to paraphrase the relevant language from FASB ASC, and then explain its relevance to the iVineyard facts (“analysis”). While a higher-level analysis could combine both the FASB ASC paraphrase and the factual analysis, at least for this assignment you should first paraphrase the FASB ASC and then offer your analysis of the facts. This will make clear your understanding of the FASB ASC, as well as your ability to apply it to facts. Again, if I just lost you – do not worry – just paraphrase the FASB ASC and then explain its relevance to the iVineyard facts

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